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About Us

About the Beat Series

The Beat Series is multi-faceted, online web & Social Media Series, including Live Concerts, plus TV documentary episodes that chronicle the search for new, emerging music composers who perform in the vast, multicultural, music scene in Canada. We will explore to find who the next generation of stars could be, and what it’s like to be a new player in the music game. Through our online and social media portals, our web series will peek into the lives of these new, emerging artists; from our initial contact, through auditions, to their live stage performances in the Beat Concert Series at the Mod Club in Toronto.

LusoLife Beat

Our first, 6-part, TV documentary, “LusoLife Beat”, is a series of 1- hour programs that will look deeply into the world of Lusofone music that is being composed and performed in Canada. Who is Lusofone? A Lusofone is someone who speaks the Portuguese language or is of Portuguese heritage. It is the sole official language of Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Angola, São Tomé and Príncipe and others. Great music comes from all of these places, and the search is on to find the best Luso music artistry we can find in the country.

Our Search for Undiscovered Talent

Our team of Beat Scouts, Britt and Nathan, are searching for undiscovered, great, music composers and performers who are striving to gain recognition. They have begun their search by reaching out to some of the Canadian music industry’s top music influencers and insiders, to find out which artists are being noticed as having the talent that is necessary to succeed. We’ll be documenting our Beat Scout’s search, every step of the way, to be seen in the LusoLife Beat documentary series which will be aired in Canada during the spring of 2020, on WIN HD, which airs on Bell Fibe channel 659 and on Rogers Cable, channel 672 in Canada. The programs will also air online for our international audience.

LusoLife Beat Contest

MDC will offer one Lusofone artist a recording contract for a full album, to be recorded at the MDC Sound Stage in Toronto, and a $5,000 prize. The winner will be determined by MDC producers, who will gauge the artist’s talent, and prospect for success, from first contact through to performing live, at the Mod Club in Toronto. The artist’s online & social media appeal and overall reception as generated through LusoLife’s digital media campaign will be a significant factor to determine the winner, who will be chosen 2 weeks after the TV documentary series ends it’s 1st run on Canadian Television.

About MDC

MDC Media Group, is a collective of companies under one brand, that have combined to provide complete advertising and media production solutions, from radio, print media, on-line marketing and product awareness campaigns to television and high-end music recording services. MDC hosts the Sony Sound Stage and and boasts several thousand square feet of sound and video production studio space.

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