This month, we celebrated Canada’s best up and coming Lusophone talent with four FREE concerts. Missed out on the party? Don’t worry! We’ve got the sizzling highlights from this incredible lineup of musicians, all competing for The Beat Series’ top prize of $5,000 and a full album recording contract with MDC Media. 

Hosted at Toronto’s Mod Club throughout February, Lusolife Beat’s concert series featured 14 unique and exciting Luso artists. Showcasing a wide range of genres, styles and ages, each concert represented the eclectic spirit of Lusophone music. The audience was sure to never see the same performance twice.

On February 12th and 13th, we watched the first crop of artists take the stage to show us what they could do.

 CMagic5, a 15-year-old Toronto-based pop singer-songwriter who had the crowd moving with her dance-worthy electro bops and relatable lyrics well beyond her years. Zeca Polina, a seasoned Brazilian singer-songwriter, lit up the stage with his rock and country-inspired anthems – even a song about what to do if you encounter a bear. You’ll have to listen to find out!

Junior Dias, a Brazilian accordion player who specializes in forró music, had the whole club dancing with his traditional rhythms. Meanwhile, 19-year-old Samantha Nicole showed off her impressive vocal range and songwriting abilities, inspired by pop queen Demi Lovato. There were more than a few teary eyes in the crowd after her performance (guilty as charged).

As the month got colder, our concert series got hotter. February 26th and 27th saw a new crop of undeniable talent, ready to show off their unique style of luso music.

Sofia Dos Santos was one such artist. She hit our heart strings with her soulful voice, performing Portuguese originals and covers with her jazzy, modern flare. Speaking of modern, Toronto’s own Sheldon Universe burst onto the stage with his funky, R&B inspired tracks and a silky smooth voice to match. 

Then came Toronto hip-hop artist Nick Souza, performing tracks from his latest EP Souza Szn, Vol. 1. His catchy hooks and backbeats showcased how young Luso artists are bringing their flavour to new genres. Giovanna Correia, a Brazilian-Canadian singer, and front person for the Luso group, Mistura Fina, followed suit with her sultry pop vocals, sung in both English and Portuguese. 

At each concert in the series, fans were lucky enough to see a handful of Luso artists who are with MDC Media, who took to the stage including Peter Serrado, and Reno Silva who are seasoned musicians with several albums under their belts and Ruby Anderson a 15 year old protégé who just signed with MDC.  

Now that the Lusolife Beat concert series is over, our producers will decide who should take home the grand prize. With so much talent to choose from – teen pop sensations to Portuguese rockstars – the choice will not be an easy one. 

No matter who wins, the artists you will see on LusoLife Beat all represent the next wave of Canadian Lusophone music. And after four nights of unforgettable music, let’s just say the future of Luso culture is in very (very) good hands. 


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